Seeking to sell your vehicle in all simplicity and confidence? Without worries or stress?

Then the Car Hunter app is the ideal solution; 100% free and available in all stores (Apple, Android and Windows)!

Car Hunter : the application

Selling a vehicle via Car Hunter: fast, easy and stress-free!

App for each operating system

The Car Hunter app is available for all smartphones with iOS (Apple Store), Android (Play Store) and Windows (Windows Store) operating system.

Responsive website

Both the application and the website automatically adjust to the device you are using: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Simple design

Intuitive design and easy navigation.

App 100% free

For individuals, the app is 100% free. Publish your ad don the Car Hunter platform without worrying!

Strong network

The strength of Car Hunter lies in its network, connecting professionals in the automotive and individuals.

Unlimited number of ads

You can publish as many online ads as you like!

Who are we?

The idea of Car Hunter arose from an omnipresent problem in the automotive: many professionals had to admit that they spent too much time on the road seeking for the right vehicle for their clients. Lost time, and in the meantime generating lower revenue!

Therefore Car Hunter decided to come up with a solution, enabling professionals to fully concentrate on you, their customer, in order to offer you the best possible service in you quest for a new vehicle.

As an individual, you will have the possibility to sell your vehicle in its actual state. Worn tyres, cracks in the window shield, damaged interior, technical inspection not yet happened, maintenance to be done, and so on? And this will cost you a lot of money?

Thanks to Car Hunter, you will be able to save all these costs and the stress. You simply publish your vehicle on the platform furthermore let the vast network of professionals be responsible for all formalities, so you can sell your vehicle with confidence. Fast, easy and stress-free.

What do we offer?

Car Hunter developed an application, downloadable for everyone. The app’s main advantage is a tracking system, allowing your vehicle, published online, to be easily found and thus quickly bought.

We assure you that only affiliated professionals can search for your vehicle on our Car Hunter platform.

The real-time tracking of your vehicle, motorcycle or van is also only visible though a secure platform for nearby professionals, allowing them to quickly and easily contact you.

Simply drive your vehicle and at the same time increase the chance of being seen by the radar of one of our professionals, so you vehicle can be sold with ease.


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